IdentityNORTH Virtual Annual Summit

Learn from and connect with THE leaders of Canada’s digital economy at Canada’s premier digital ID and authentication conference. Leveraging the opportunities that the digital format presents, IdentityNORTH 2021 Virtual Annual Summit will feature presentations from high profile global leaders and provide community members with the opportunity to connect and share leading up to and following the Summit. Educate: Inspire Canadians with a sense of the new opportunities presented by broad adoption of Digital ID as a foundational piece in our lives. We see a huge opportunity to grow our economy by building literacy around Digital ID, privacy, and the emergence of our digital economy. How better to really know someone than to learn from leaders, engage in lively discussion, explore new ideas and share meals together?. We Canadians punch above our weight, contributing seminal work like The 7 Laws of Identity, Privacy by Design, the widely adopted Levels of Assurance, and the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada. IdentityNORTH will help Canadians to share our technology and architectures around the world and, in doing so, to also export our principles to help lead the world.

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1. Digital identity2. The digital economy
IdentityNorth gathers Canadians that are interested in creating and sustaining a conversation about digital identity and authentication.
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