IAFP Annual Conference

In 2022, the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary and lay out an agenda for how we can all contribute to the prevention, treatment, and humanization of global aggression. Our speakers will include esteemed mental health practitioners, politicians, academics, and social activists from many countries, including Australia, Italy, Peru, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. We warmly welcome colleagues from every branch of these fields.

Event Contact
Address: BMA House, London
Phone: TBC
Email: info@forensicpsychotherapy.org
1. Education & Training
The International Forensic Appointees Forum (IFA) is a group of experts in the field of forensic psychotherapy. The IAFP brings together professionals involved in the development and application of the psychotherapeutic understanding of offenders. We share an interest in studying the emotional, social and familial difficulties that offenders face, and in helping to reduce the risks they pose to themselves and others. Forensic Psychotherapy is a term that has both a specific and a general meaning. It refers to the application of psychoanalytically-informed conceptual and clinical models to the treatment of offenders and to the understanding of organisations that carry out this work. The International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy was formed in 1991 in Leuven, Belgium at a meeting held during the 17th International Congress on Law and Mental Health. The original group of members decided to meet regularly to discuss the difficulties encountered daily in their work of treating patients, influencing policy development, and working with different organisations.
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