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Within the world’s largest corporations there are few departments with as far-reaching responsibilities as that of human resources. To continue meeting the challenges that HR brings requires a balancing act between change, risk and innovation. In a world fuelled by a 24-hour news cycle and viral videos, the role of the Chief Human Resources Officer is changing rapidly, and keeping up whilst maintaining the highest standards can only be achieved through learning from leaders and peers. Whilst conventional perceptions of HR might be limited to hiring and firing, the role is more complex now than ever before; considerations of social media, diversity and training and development are all at the forefront of any organisation’s HR plan.

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Society and business is transforming through technological development.The best digital platforms aim for convenience, to make our lives easier, to help us collaborate.Tech has come a long way in a very short space of time but one thing that hasn’t changed is the power of face to face interaction.
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