Hot Topics in Cancer Nutrition

Every cancer patient receives advise about nutrition and diet from family, friends and strangers. Even health professionals will give advice about diet outside of their scope. How does a Registered Dietitian stay on top of all of the recommendations and serve their clients with evidence-based answers? In this webinar, Jean LaMantia, RD and author will review with you the published literature on cancer and Vitamin C IV, soy and sugar. After attending this session, you will feel much more confident to answer these questions with understanding and authority.

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1. Medical & Pharma
The food we eat and the medications we take often interact. Almost all the time it is accidental. Why is this a problem? Simply because interactions will diminish or exacerbate medication properties. Therefore, it is important that all nutrition professionals have the knowledge to teach about food-drug interactions to their patients and clients. This webinar will focus on the commonly prescribed medications taken.
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