Harvard National Model United Nations

For nearly seven decades, HNMUN has been an annual forum for hundreds of college students from over 40 countries. Delegates from around the world come to Boston to discuss pressing international issues. They work together on policy proposals and programs in order to solve important global problems.

Event Contact
Address: Boston, USA
Phone: TBC
Email: secgen@hnmun.org
1. Medical & Pharma 2. Business Services 3. Education & Training
Model of Harvard The UN is an organisation which aims to contribute to the development of a forum focused on complicated international questions and which also significantly helps society. The HMUN acronym is the HMUN. The organization's general secretary is Samuel H. Leiter. It helps disseminate high-quality information and helps students in general and national contacts to collect extensive and detailed sector networks. It was founded in 1927. This organisation. It is also known for hosting conferences and seminars such as the United Nations Harvard National Model Conference, where all the delegates and students gain insights into United Nations functions. It also provides a great opportunity to meet representatives of other international bodies and national cabinets and to communicate with them.
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