FX Markets Australia 2022

FX Markets will help to provide clarity with the regulations at play, the digitalization of markets, the uncertainty of cryptocurrencies, and utilizing technology. The conference will also address the growing concern within Australia’s FX markets and how superannuation funds, corporate treasurers, and FX traders need to respond.

Event Contact
Address: TBC
Phone: TBC
Email: CSqueries@infopro-digital.com
1. Auto & Automotive 2. Building & Construction 3. Electric & Electronics 4. Agriculture & Forestry 5. Arts & Crafts 6. Medical & Pharma 7. Packing & Packaging 8. Industrial Engineering
We play pro and collectively at Infopro Digital. Intergenerational transmission and mutual aid are on the agenda. By immediately putting your skills to use in a project team, you gain autonomy and responsibility. Assume co-responsibility for the missions that have been entrusted to you. Because innovation is embodied in projects with us, you advance at the forefront of innovation and technology. For some, it's Data Integration Platform, Machine Learning, and Predictive Marketing, while for others, it's NO-SQL, micro services, WebRTC, video streaming, Service Design Doing, and Prototyping. The test-and-learn method is an important part of the learning process.
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