Flow Cytometry Facilities Meeting

This meeting is designed for managers or those who work in cytometry facilities for the flow of cytometry. The focus of the meeting is to define our identity as core technologists in terms of both the career structure and the recognition of funding agencies. We will also focus on new and new technologies and operational aspects of core operation and work. Presentations will be made by those who work or use core facilities and the members of our industry. There is plenty of time to talk and network with the participants in the programme. York City University In the Technology Facility at York University, Peter manages the Imaging and Cytometry Labs, including a series of confocal mikroscopes. Mr. Peter has obtained his doctoral degree in the Cell Biophysics Laboratory at the University of Essex.

Event Contact
Address: Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
Phone: TBC
Email: kate@rms.org.uk
1. Science of microscopy 2. Education & Training 3. Annual general meeting
The RMS is a not for profit organisation and is a registered Charity.
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