Expo-Champs Agricultural Showcase

The Expo-Champs Agriculture Showcase has unquestionably grown into a must-attend event in the agricultural industry, as seen by record attendance on opening day for the past ten years. A large number of visitors wandered throughout the show, looking for new agricultural items.

Event Contact
Address: Expo-Champs, Saint-Liboire, Canada
Phone: TBC
Email: info@salondelagriculture.com
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Food & Beverages
In addition to the Quebec Agricultural Hall of Fame, the Société d'Agriculture de Saint-Hyacinthe, a non-profit organisation, organises several events, including Plaisirs relâche, the Agricultural and Food Exhibition of St-Hyacinthe, Gala Excellence Agricole Montérégie-Est, Le Suprême Laitier, Gala Cérès, Expo-Champs, and Salon de l'Agriculture Improvement of agriculture in all forms, raising awareness of farmers' experiences and realities in the urban environment, promoting the marketing of agrifood products, and providing them with a technology and modern showcase, Our team of staff, made up of enthusiasts, make every effort to offer you a high quality event. Their attention to detail, their dedication and their team spirit are reflected in these three days of exhibition at Expo-Champs.
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