Evolutionary Systems Biology Conference

This conference will provide a forum for scientists interested in applying systems and mechanistic approaches to understand evolution.

Advances in genome sequencing and computational biology are providing unprecedented insights into biological mechanisms and evolutionary processes. In parallel, gene editing tools are revolutionising what is possible in model and non-model organisms. This conference will explore the evolution of biological systems at different levels: from genes and molecules to organism development and physiology. Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding evolution through mechanistic biology. We will explore recent advances in experimental and theoretical approaches to study how genetic and non-genetic changes fuel and constrain evolution.

The conference will offer a valuable training ground and rich learning experience and provide networking opportunities for scientists across disciplines relevant to systems biology. It should be of particular interest to those working at the interface of evolution, quantitative genetics, and systems biology.

Event Contact
Address: Wellcome Genome Campus Conference CentreWellcome Trust Genome Campus Hinxton Saffron Walden CB10 1RQUK
Phone: TBC
Email: scientificconferences@wellcomegenomecampus.org
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