European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology Congress

Together with EAWOP, the British Psychological Society is planning a conference in which we can meet, share ideas, reconnect with old friends and make new ones and discuss new projects with a glass of wine or a coffee (or a Scotch Whisky’s ‘wee dram’ in Glasgow or a tea pot). In order for things to get back to the normal, we have moved the date to January 2022.

Event Contact
Address: Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, UK
Phone: TBC
1. Education & Training 2. Food & Beverages 3. Wellness, Health & Fitness
The primary goal of the European Work and Organizational Psychology Association (EAWOP) is to improve the standard of workplace and organic psychology research and practise. It was founded 25 years ago and is one of the most renowned international non-profit organisation. The organisation has not always looked back and worked for the growth of the sector since the day it was founded. The organisation's biannual meeting, journals, summer schools, small group meetings and workshops are famous. In its membership, the organisation is constantly growing, with more than 1500 members today.
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