Erie County Fair

Erie County Fair will showcases products like Farm & Garden, Floriculture, and Baked Goods, Poultry Judging, Crops, Vegetables, Plants and Flowers, Crops, Vegetables, Plants and Flowers Judging, Farm & Garden and Erie Co-Senior Floriculture Judging, Horse & Miniature Horse/Small Equine Judging, Baked Goods Judging, Beautiful Baby Contest 6-12 Months, Ameri-Kids, etc.

Event Contact
Address: Sandusky, USA
Phone: TBC
educational endeavors
The basic purpose of the Erie County Agricultural Society, sponsor of the Erie County Fair, is to preserve and enhance, by educational endeavors, the agricultural and historical legacy of New York State.The Society sponsors the Erie County Fair, which is held annually and intended to promote and showcase our community's agricultural traditions, talents, diversity and heritage.