Emergency & Medical Care Conference

Since 1997, AMPED have organised over 60 international Emergency, Medical and Allied Healthrelated conferences in outstanding locations throughout the world. Our delegates have theopportunity to exercise, network, relax and enjoy the vast array of activities that each venue has to offer.The schedule of our presentations allows our delegates to get the most out of their free time. The concept and format of our conferences has been universally well received. Delegates that vattend enjoy evidence-based presentations, delivered by experts from diverse backgroundsin Medicine, Paramedicine and other Allied Health professions. The relaxed setting and informalnature of the conference encourages interactive audience participation.

Event Contact
Address: Rusutsu Resort, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone: TBC
Email: info@alittlesnowadventure.com
1. Science & Research2. Wellness, Health & Fitness
AMPED has organised over 60 international emergency, medical, and allied health conferences in spectacular places across the world since 1997. Our attendees can exercise, network, relax, and take advantage of the wide range of activities available at each venue.Our presentation schedule allows our delegates to make the most of their free time.Our conferences' concept and format have garnered a lot of positive feedback. Attendees benefit from evidence-based presentations presented by specialists from a variety of fields, including medicine, paramedicine, and other allied health professions. The conference's laid-back atmosphere and informal style encourage interactive audience engagement.
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