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1. Education & Training 2. Environment & Waste 3. Banking & Finance
The Florida Cattle Tick Eradication Committee was founded in 1916 as the state's first chamber of commerce. Things were bad – Florida was quarantined by the federal government because of the prevalence of the cattle tick, which threatened the entire state's economy. Agricultural leaders have known since the beginning of time that working together yielded far greater results than working alone. That's how the Florida Chamber of Commerce got its start, fending off a threat to the state's economic security. The storey of Florida is just beginning, and the Florida Chamber's leadership is just getting started. While agriculture, tourism, and construction remain the backbone of Florida's economy, our increasingly global economy is laying the groundwork for a more diversified one based on biotech, energy, international trade, advanced manufacturing, and space technologies. More than six million people will live in Florida by 2030, according to current projections. Our roads will be home to nearly five million new drivers and vehicles that drive themselves. More than 150 million people are expected to use our roads, with many taking high-speed trains. To keep up with demand, nearly two million new jobs will be needed in the state of Florida.
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