Driving Simulation Conference Europe DSC 2022 Europe

The 21st edition of the Driving Simulation Conference will be held in Munich. The exhibition is coming back towards the more than 40 professional exhibitors and more than 300 on site participants at DSC Europe 2019 VR, held in Strasbourg. This year’s conference will cover ADAS, HMI and driving simulation design, motion sickness and rendering, connected and autonomous vehicle verification and validation.

Event Contact
Address: Strasbourg, France
Phone: TBC
Email: contact@dsc2022.org
1. Auto & Automotive 2. Industrial Engineering
DSA's mission is to promote and encourage driving simulation in all of its forms, including research, development, applications, and products, to facilitate communication between people involved or interested in driving simulation, and to help organise scientific conferences in the field, such as the well-known Driving Simulation Conference (DSC) Euro.
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