Doble Client Committee Meetings Conference

The Client Committee Meetings Conference is an invitation-only event for Doble Service Agreement utility, testing, and industrial clients. The meetings allow you and your peers to have an open discussion about safety, asset health, and maintenance issues, with an emphasis on problem-solving and collaboration through training and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Attendees discuss problems and best practises, learn from one another’s experiences, and work together to solve problems and improve system performance. All of this takes place without the involvement of manufacturers or insurers.

Event Contact
Address: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach, Newport Beach, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Electric & Electronics 2. Industrial Engineering 3. Telecommunication 4. Science & Research 5. Business Services 6. Education & Training 7. Environment & Waste 8. Wellness, Health & Fitness
oble Engineering Company is a leading name in the electric power industry, striving to provide users with improved diagnostic apparatus and laboratory services that will aid in the system's operation improvement. In the year 1920, the organisation was founded. The organization's headquarters are in the Massachusetts town of Watertown. David B. Zabetakis is the organization's President. This organisation also hosts numerous conferences, workshops, seminars, and trade shows to allow industry delegates to interact and network with clients, and it considers this to be one of its primary concerns. This will enable the company to provide better and more consistent products to its customers. The organisation will host the 2012 Revolutionary Machines: Electrical Plant Reliability and Rotating Machinery Seminar in San Francisco in September 2012.
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