Digital Transformation Congress

Large and small companies are being disrupted by more agile, digital-centric, customer-focused competitors or start-ups that are attacking the so called cash-cows and creating new product categories. Digital transformation is the route that any company and public institution wishing to stay relevant in the present environment must follow. Companies need to evolve to address the changing business landscapes.

In this time of technological disruption, it is an undeniable fact that organizations must gear up towards being equipped with the necessary digital and management skills to adapt and innovate.

Consequently, analysts together with the executive suite have been touting the idea that all companies must transform into digital companies to remain competitive. However determining what digital transformation means for any given organization, laying out a roadmap to get there and then achieving a meaningful level of transformation is no small feat. The most challenging aspect of digital transformation isn’t the technology: It’s effectively managing change and getting people to embrace it.

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