DFCon 2022

DFCon is the premier international, interdisciplinary diabetic foot conference in North America. This year’s DFCon will be hybrid, so it will be possible to attend both virtually and physically. The program will be designed for the wide spectrum of generalists and specialists who diagnose and manage the diabetic foot.

Event Contact
Address: Los Angeles, USA
Phone: TBC
Email: dfcon@cap-partner.eu
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Medical & Pharma 3. Industrial Engineering 4. Science & Research 5. Business Services 6. Education & Training 7. Fashion & Beauty 8. Food & Beverages
CAP Partner was established in the year 1999. Henrik J. Nielsen is the President of this international organization. It organizes many conferences and seminars like Ebjis Conference. It gives prime importance to innovative ideas which are required for making the meeting structure more dynamic.
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