For the new generation of dairy farmers, the Dairy-Tech is an event designed to showcase cutting edge techniques and inspiring field skills. The pandemic of Covid 19 has forced the 2021 eve into a virtual plan, yet on Monday, 2 February 2022, it will be physically reopened with plans now in place to reopen the economy. It will continue to showcase the technology, to be a platform for new launches of products, to introduce the latest innovations and services and to deliver a wide range of lecturers on key industry topics. In recent years it has been recognised that farmers must become competitive and able to match both their size and system with their available resources and milk contracts, and that this event will be a success for progressive dairy professionals, irrespective of their cattle size and system type.

Event Contact
Address: Stoneleigh Park, UK
Phone: TBC
Email: office@rabdf.co.uk
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Food & Beverages
RABDF was founded in 1876 as an independent association that aims to improve dairy products and the UK dairy industry and establish the Dairy Show, aiming at the interests of dairy farmers.
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