Dagstuhl Seminar on AI for the Social Good

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made impressive strides in the last decade, with innovations that have entered the daily life of billions of people, and no signs of slowing down. Given the magnitude of its impact, the social good should not be an afterthought: market forces alone may not guarantee that these technologies benefit everyone. Instead, we believe that AI should empower those already championing humanitarian and development causes. In order to accelerate adoption of AI methods where their impact on the social good is largest, we propose to bring together non-governmental organizations working in international development and on humanitarian issues, with AI technical experts (academics, researchers, data scientists, engineers).

Event Contact
Address: Wadern, Germany
Phone: TBC
Email: service@dagstuhl.de
Auto & Automotive
Leibniz-Institute for New Materials is a nonprofit organization that was established in the year 1987. The acronym of this organization is INM. The organization is situated in Germany and is the leading international centre for materials research. This institute focuses on the research and development of materials. INM is an institute that allows all kinds of research related with chemistry physics biology materials and engineering. This organization is a scientific partner for the research and development for companies all around the world. It organizes several conferences and seminars that offer great information about the development and advancement of the sector. Prof. Dr. Eduard Artz is the Chairman of the Board of directors of the institute. It cooperates with other national and international institutions and encourages the share and exchange of information among them.
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