DACH CIO Virtual Executive Summit

CIOs now must plan for a new wave of business expectations and quickly develop revenue generating innovations, while balancing employee workloads and resource capacity. In this keynote, CIOs will share how they intend to capitalise on their new position as a strategic business driver. As a CIO, it is crucial to enable the digital agenda while connecting technology with business value. During this unprecedented time, organisations can leverage digital offerings to alleviate impacts on operations and business performance. To keep pace with digitalisation and technological innovation, CIOs must continue to reshape their role from delivery executive to business executive. If the past several months has done one thing for the CIO, it’s caused these executives to reflect on how to lead up, down, and across the organisation. In this keynote, CIOs will discuss how and why they have had to select new tools in their leadership toolkits, including trust, empathy and increased communication, in order to lead the organisation through disrupted times.

Event Contact
Address: Evanta, KOIN Tower, 222 SW Columbia, Suite 1020, Portland, OR 97201
Phone: TBC
Email: lucy.guille@gartner.com
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