Cyber World: Virtual Cyber Security Summit

CS4CA World Is part of a unique initiative to re-connect the cyber security industry through a global community dedicated to safeguarding ICS. Expect to be both challenged and inspired, as we uncover new techniques and defense mechanisms from some of the world’s leading cyber security innovators. Hear exclusive keynotes from trail-blazing industry execs as well as having the chance to take part in interactive panel debates, bench-marking your approach to cyber security against peers. Take part in group discussions to target specific cyber security pain points and benefit from in-depth case studies, relevant to your sector with tangible, actionable insights.

Event Contact
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QG Media is a provider of high-level B2B summits and online content aimed at senior professionals working in industrial cyber security, A.I., and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). We build communities of market-leading summits, put together with a team of steering committee members from: government, key institutions, academia, vendors, and end-user companies, ensuring that the most up to date topics are addressed and that questions from across the industry are effectively answered.
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