CESifo Area Conference on Energy and Climate Economics

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, from climate mitigation and adaptation to the study of energy and resource markets, as well as environmental market failures in general. The Energy and Climate Economics Area’s goal is to bring together leading researchers from both sides of the Atlantic to facilitate and discuss cutting-edge theoretical and empirical research.

Event Contact
Address: Munich, Germany
Phone: TBC
Email: office@cesifo.de
1.Science & Research,2. Business Services,3. 4.Education & Training, 5.Environment & Waste, 6.Power & Energy, 7.Banking & Finance,8. IT & Technology
The Ifo Institute wants to help shape the economic policy debate in Germany and Europe. We can because we combine excellent research with economic policy relevance. The research results offer those responsible in politics and business a basis for factual decisions. We prepare scientific findings in such a way that the media and the public can understand and classify current economic and political events. The people at the Ifo Institute, its supporters and the committees make it possible to fulfill our mission. The close cooperation with the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich is an important basis for our success.
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