Cat Risk Management

The risk of disaster remains an increasing threat for the global economy. As the climate changes and the dangers created by the human being add to the global risk landscape, the nature and source of this risk evolves. As the threats evolve, technology and instruments for measuring and managing disaster risk also evolve. The RAA Catastrophe Risk Management Conference this year examines threats and risk management solutions via a forward-looking lens that presents ideas and solutions across the horizon as we handle these risks that are increasingly complex.

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Address: Orlando, Florida, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Banking & Finance 2. Business Services
The best way to protect reinsurance against unforeseen or unusual losses is by using "insurance for insurance companies." The purpose of reinsurance is to restrict liability for specific risks, increase the capacity of individual insurers, share liabilities if losses overwhelm the primary insurance resources, and assist insurers in stabilising their businesses, in light of large gains and loss margins within the insurance business. Reinsurance, for example, plays a vital role in financial management of the losses of natural disasters, albeit behind the scenes.
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