BioCom Global Life Science Partnering Conference

A unique and valuable experience, BioCom Global Live Science Partnering Conference allows you to meet individuals in a private setting with participants of your choice during the whole meeting.

Event Contact
Address: San Diego, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Building & Construction 2. Medical & Pharma 3. Science & Research 4. Business Services 5. Education & Training 6. Miscellaneous 7. Logistics & Transportation 8. Environment & Waste
The organisation, representing more than 550 member companies, offers the regional scientific community unmatched opportunities and resources. Joseph D. Panetta is the Chairman and CEO of the organisation that has established itself as a bridge between companies that support advanced scientific study in life sciences and educational institutions. The 7th Annual Medical Device & Diagnostic Conference Day is one of the organization's conferences. Its principal office is located in California in San Diego.
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