Bio-IT World Virtual Conference & Expo

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    20 Sep, 2021 - 22 Sep, 2021
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    9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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For 20 years, the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo has been the world’s premier event showcasing technologies and analytic approaches that solve problems, accelerate science, and drive the future of precision medicine. Bio-IT World unites a community of leading life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, informatics and technology experts in the fields of biomedical research, drug discovery & development, and healthcare from around the world.

The Bio-IT World community employed creativity, problem solving, and technical ingenuity to weather 2020 and never was the work more important. Now, as we look forward, we have another challenge: to capture and share what we’ve learned, making this season of unparalleled pressure also a season of sustained growth and progress.

We invested heavily last year: pouring money, time, and creativity into fighting a global pandemic with science, data, and collaborative effort. Now–together–let’s celebrate the returns on our investments.

When the community of 1,900 life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, and IT professional attendees from 30+ countries come together at the 2021 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, it will be to toast our wins over the past months and build on the progress we’ve made.

For 20 years, our community has spearheaded new developments and discoveries–and this year we’ve uncovered new opportunities.

Across 150 speaking slots–keynotes, panel discussions, joint partner talks, and podium presentations–in 10 tracks and 8 workshops, the speakers at the 20th Annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo will take stock of our progress, map the new landscape for bio-IT, and share how last year’s labor is already reaping harvests of innovation.

2020 drastically altered much of the world; bio-IT, precision medicine, and the life sciences were not spared. But we can use those challenges for progress. Join us as we celebrate 20 years of Bio-IT World and our community’s future!

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Address: Sheraton Hotel, Boston, NA, US
Phone: TBC
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At Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI), we believe bringing together a unique and diverse constellation of innovators, scientists, and life science professionals can hold the key to developing tomorrow’s cures and diagnostics.
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