Begin Before Birth

This virtual conference that originally took place on 11 June 2020 reveals fascinating insights into inter-generational mental health matters. This recording of a virtual conference will reveal fascinating insights into inter-generational perinatal mental health. Chaired by Professor Vivette Glover, this symposium brings together international experts to discuss mental health matters for parents and their babies, giving updates on the latest research including global implications. The conference will cover anxiety in the perinatal period and how best to deal with it, the role of fathers, and the impact of prenatal stress, anxiety and depression, and the impact of Covid-19. We will cover a range of the mental health problems that can affect women in the perinatal period including, anxiety and PTSD, and offer some suggestions for treatment. Vivette Glover will discuss how music may help. We will finish with a discussion of perinatal mental health in the time of Covid-19 with Louise Howard from the UK and Catherine Monk from New York.

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