B2MS Anlegertag Frankfurt

The theme of the B2MS Anlegertag Frankfurt will be Sustainable Investments. All current products will be discussed again, and experienced investors and traders will get their money’s worth, in addition to basic lectures for market beginners.

Event Contact
Address: Frankfurt, Germany
Phone: TBC
Email: mahnert@b2ms.de
1. Industrial Engineering 2. Business Services 3. Education & Training 4. Fashion & Beauty 5. Banking & Finance
B2MS GmbH is one of the premiere trade fair organizers. We organise events and communication opportunities so that people can get to know one another, exchange ideas, pass on knowledge, and, yes, advertise. Face-to-face meetings and physical presentations, we believe, are more important than ever in a world where communication, as well as products and services, is becoming increasingly digital. They serve as the foundation for trust and, as a result, for a long, fruitful - and digitally - business relationship. That is why we work at B2MS, the right-moment collective.
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