ASPN Annual Meeting

ASPN Annual Meeting represents an extensive team of professionals – neuro-opedic surgeons, orthopaedic surgencies, plastic surgeons, general surgeons, neurologists, neuroscientists, otolaryngologists, physical therapists, hand therapists and researchers in fundamental research.

Event Contact
Address: Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, Carlsbad, California
Phone: TBC
1. Medical & Pharma 2. Science & Research
The American Society for Peripheral Nerves was established on 19 April 1990 and is a specialist organisation, which operates in peripheral nerve operations. Also recognised by the ASPN abbreviation, this company has aimed at achieving a synergistic balance in research and educational development in neural regeneration and restaurant neuroscience between clinical and basic sciences. The headquarters of this organisation, currently owned by Dr, are in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Ivica Ducic is chairman of the organisation. The organisation also operates activities such as forums, meetings, workshops, certified courses, training programmes, and much more, representing its member base consisting of surgeons, medical practitioners, clinicians, scientists and researchers in the field of neural science. Currently the ASPN annual meeting will take place.
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