Annual Protection and Control Conference

The Annual Protection and Control Conference will provide attendees with information on cutting-edge protection and control technologies as well as new ideas for improving the efficiency and resiliency of power systems. This conference will provide attendees with information on Transmission, Distribution, and Generation Applications and Case Studies that may provide solutions for utilities facing similar challenges; new protection and control technologies; Automation and Reliability Standards Compliance discussions; and a forum for new ideas and enhancements for power system protection efficacy.

Event Contact
Address: The Wigwam, Phoenix, USA
Phone: TBC
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The Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation (CEATI) is a user-driven organisation dedicated to providing technology solutions to its electrical utility participants. Participants are brought together to collaborate and act collaboratively to advance the industry through the sharing and development of practical and applicable knowledge. CEATI is led by 140+ entities (electric and gas companies, government agencies, provincial and state research institutes) that are represented in 20 topic-focused programmes spanning generation, transmission, and distribution. CEATI's participants represent 16 countries on six continents, a diversity that contributes to CEATI's strength and immediately benefits the participants.