Annual MAPA Conference

There’s no better organisation to represent Missouri’s asphalt-related businesses than the state’s Asphalt Pavement Association. A group of asphalt producers and non-producers, oil suppliers, contractors and other parties dedicated to high-quality asphalt production came together in 1990 to form the Asphalt Producers Association. MAPA’s extensive network of asphalt contractors numbers over one hundred members. Centrally T

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Address: Holiday Inn Executive Center-Columbia Mall, Columbia
Phone: TBC
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Despite the lack of representation, MAPA was born in a time when our main product, asphalt, was a huge seller. MAPA was established in 1990 to serve as a voice for the state's asphalt producers. Contractors realised they needed a unified voice, and so formed an organisation to represent their interests. For the most part, the Association's role was to act as a neutral third party, promoting high standards of quality and accountability in the workplace. Because of the ever-changing business climate, the Association's functions have evolved over time. While our primary goal remains the representation of high-quality asphalt contractors and their work, we've broadened our approach. MAPA's main job is to keep its members committed to the industry.
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