Alaska Society For Technology In Education Conference

The Education Alaska Society for Technology promotes the access of all Alaskan students to technology, information resources connectivity, and technology integration. The aim is to establish a professional association for education technology in the country of Alaska and to share and exchange ideas, methods, materials and procedures for use in education technology.

Event Contact
Address: Anchorage, USA
Phone: TBC
Education & Training
The Alaskan Society for Educational Technology (ASTE) is a professional organisation that aims to promote all Alaskan learners access to technology, IT connectivity and technology integration. The Alaskan Society of Education Technology (ASTE) is a group of volunteers from Alaska State Technology Teachers. ASTE was founded in 1981 and is hosting an international four-monthly conference where state-wide technical coordinators meet to discuss different technology topics and share them. ASTE, an organisation of volunteers run by teachers and managers, is broadly located in Alaska. The Alaska Society for Education Technology (ASTE) was established for nearly 25 years and has a long digital history.
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