Frozen food and drink manufacturers, industry suppliers and logistical partners will be the first business event of AFFI-CON. AFFI-CON brings together annually more than 600 enterprises and more than 1,500 people, creating space and time for them to talk about the needs of their businesses today and in the future.

Event Contact
Address: Hyatt Regency Dallas, Dallas, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Business Services 3. Environment & Waste 4. Food & Beverages 5. Industrial Engineering
The American Frozen Food Institute was launched in 1942 and is the leading domestic trading organisation in the United States for the frozen food industry. This organisation also abbreviated as AFFI the aim of this industry by creating marketing scopes and networking and education platforms. All of this organization's operations are carried out from its headquarters in McLean Virginia. The Chairman of the organisation, Mr Mark Dunn, and its CEO Mr Kraig R. Naasz is also the Chairman and CEO. As a leading organisation, AFFI leads both in addressing its member community's interests and in promoting industry development policies. Two of the major upcoming events that will be held soon by AFFI will be the AFFI Frozen Food Convention and the Government Action Summit of AFFI.
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