ACTEAZ and ACOVA Midwinter Leadership Conference

All CTE educators, administrators and counsellors in the state of Arizona are expected to become members of ACTEAZ, providing them with opportunities for professional and leadership development, creative ideas and national networks, access to local and national companies, career applications and community outreach.

Event Contact
Address: Prescott Resort and Conference Center, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Education & Training 2. IT & Technology
ACTEAZ is a national leader who works with the national ACTE organisation to make legislative and policy making a stronger voice. Networking with other State CTE organisations, it is possible to share state-of-the-art best practise across the country. In the fields of management, professional development and leadership training, ACTEAZ also serves as a model in other State bodies. These professional partnerships have built up throughout the country and thus create a stronger and more united CTE voice.
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