AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference

AAPA is pleased to launch the Roads going full circle Symposium that will replace the AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference for 2021 – due to the uncertainty of COVID – 19. This event is an exciting opportunity to engage and share international leading knowledge in a new and exciting way, reaching out to delegates like never before. In addition to the traditional knowledge sharing from the presentation of papers and addresses from keynote speakers, there will also be a series of workshops, panel sessions and online skills training opportunities – a new stream to engage with our operational members. The title of the conference “Roads going full circle” refers to the need for the infrastructure sector to become circular and incentivise circular economy solutions to respond to the challenges of climate change, carbon emissions and reducing the use of virgin natural resources. Circularity requires choices from the design stage to construction and asset management: designing for longer life, using durable and renewable materials, ensuring robust quality construction standards to reduce maintenance, waste, emissions of greenhouse gasses and optimise the use of the assets throughout their lifecycles.

Event Contact
Address: PO Box 848, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
Phone: TBC
Email: admin@aapa.asn.au
1. Health & Safety 2. Technology 3. Sustainbility 4. Networking 5. Bitumen suppliers 6. Asphalt producers
Welcome to the Australian flexible Pavement Association, the peak body representing the $4 billion Flexible Pavement Industry in Aus for 50 years.
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