9th Compensation and Benefits Summit 2022

An employee compensation & benefits strategy that combines competitive pay with recognition and rewards is most vital. This is for motivating employees, maintaining and improving productivity, attracting top talent and ensuring the retention of top talent. An effective C&B strategy is also extremely crucial for the recruitment, retention and engagement of talent.

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1. Building & Construction, Electric & Electronics, Medical & Pharma, Industrial Engineering, Business Services, Education & Training, Miscellaneous, Logistics & Transportation
The Equip Global Pte Ltd is a prestigious and leading global provider of business intelligence through conferences and trainings to the world’s leading businesses governments and institutions. The organization is also counted among the leading trade fair and event organizers in city of Singapore. They backed with deep functional and industry expertise strong connections across industries as well as breadth of geographical reach their conferences constantly help our clients transform into sharper smarter and more efficient enterprises.
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