6th annual Operational Excellence in Clinical Trials Summit

OECT Summit, 21st – 22nd September 2022 in Toronto Canada, is targeted for professionals who are always seeking for new opportunities, visionary ways of conducting performance. Study Feasibility, Site Management, Monitoring and Patient recruitment & Patient Retention offer major challenges to the executives from clinical researcher, clinical project, clinical operations, innovation, intelligence, medical Operations with potential for significant impact on time lines, budgets, CRA talent rejuvenation, collaborations & partnerships and ultimately the scientific integrity of the trial itself.

Event Contact
Address: Toronto, Canada
Phone: TBC
Email: Stephen.Patel@kpmglobals.com
Medical & Pharma, Business Services, Education & Training, Miscellaneous, Wellness, Health & Fitness, IT & Technology, Entertainment & Media
Many argue that the innovation process cannot be managed because innovation is supposed to be about creativity and cannot be predicted. We believe in KP-Morgan that Innovation is not only about being creative and inventive; it is a collaborative process where ideas are taken and managed through to value-adding market introduction. Our conferences provide the most fertile ground for participants to gain up-to-the-minute market intelligence and invaluable opportunities to network and generate new business.
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