63rd Meeting of WSSA

Leadership from both WSSA and NEWSS along with their program committees are excited to be working on our first in person meeting since 2020. Arlington is the ideal hub for visiting the Washington region. Many of the region’s most popular attractions are conveniently accessible by the Metro subway system, and virtually all of Arlington’s 43 hotels are just minutes from one of 11 Metro stations in the County. And Arlington is super-walkable: bike paths, sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly bridges mean you can park your car and head out on foot.

Event Contact
Address: Arlington, VA
Phone: TBC
Email: Eric@IMIGroup.org
1. Education & Training
WSSA BROCHURE: The Public Awareness committee and the Professional Development committee have created a downloadable PDF describing the WSSA, the importance of WSSA and Weed Scientists, Careers in Weed Science and the benefits of membership. This attractive one page document can be printed for distribution to students and others interested in the WSSA (Click here to download the PDF).
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