4WSFC Africa

The 4WSFC Africa congress will be organized around six main topics, to demonstrate how existing and potential leaderships in small-scale fisheries can lead to better mutual outcomes. The focus on “leaderships” is a tribute to the immense progress that has been made in the past decade by all sectors. In addition to exchanging knowledge and lessons about what works well and what needs further consideration, the congress offers a platform for deliberation about how to integrate small-Scale fisheries in the discussion about Blue Economy.

Event Contact
Address: Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: TBC
Email: 4wsfcongress@gmail.com
1. Agriculture & Forestry
The mission of PLAAS is to emphasise the central importance of the agro-food system in creating and perpetuating poverty — and also in eradicating it. Our work focuses on the dynamics of marginalised livelihoods, particularly those which are vulnerable, structurally excluded or incorporated into broader economic systems on adverse terms. We have considerable expertise in analysing land- and agriculture-based livelihoods of farm workers and small and subsistence farmers.
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