2023 4th International Conference on Advances in Education and Information Technology

Educational Technology is the effective use of technological tools in learning. As a concept, it concerns an array of tools, such as media, machines and networking hardware, as well as considering underlying theoretical perspectives for their effective application. The future of educational technology looks further promising as the learner and the tutor both would be engaged simultaneously. Teaching in a classroom would be like a movie, lesson plans would be mounted on headsets and students would be encouraged to explore with their tutor. Imagine, biology being taught by immersive technique.

Event Contact
Address: Tokyo, Japan
Phone: TBC
Email: aeit@iacsitp.com
1. Education & Training 2. IT & Technology
The International Journal of Educational and Information Technology The International Journal of Information and Education Technology (IJIET) is an academic open access journal that has established itself in Singapore, Asia, and is now open to the rest of the world. Its goal is to promote the integration of information and educational technology. They are primarily interested in publishing papers that explore the use of computer-based mobile information and communication technology in education. Technical committees from the Journal and the Association will review the submitted papers. Researchers, managers, and operators in the fields of information and education technology, as well as designers and developers, will be in attendance.
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