2022 The 6th International Conference on Green Energy and Applications

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    4 Mar, 2022 - 6 Mar, 2022
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    9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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It is a known fact that population growth will lead to huge increase in energy demand, and the world population in the year 2100 is expected to be in excess of 12 billion. If we continue the policy of using coal, oil and gas at the present rate, then by the year 2020 the global temperature will have increased by two degrees Celsius. If we intend to do something about our planet and to create a healthy environment for the generations to come, then we must all actively utilize green energy in our daily life.

In anticipation, the combination of rising populations and living standards of human society in the next 50 years will demand for the development of massively scaled sustainable energy and low-carbon electricity generation solutions with an objective of battling the climate change. These challenges, albeit an unparalleled threat to the business-as-usual, also represent a remarkable opportunity for research, innovation, and green growth.

With the success of the previous 5 year, ICGEA came to its 6th edition in 2022. It is proud to announce that 2022 The 6th International Conference on Green Energy and Applications will be held during March 4-6, 2022 in Singapore. The theme of ICGEA 2022 is bridging and connecting – across disciplines, practices, places and understandings. The most interesting things happen at edges and boundaries, and so the aim of the conference is to demonstrate and examine different approaches in innovative green energy solutions.

**Due to the long-term impact of COVID-19, online participation is also accepted.

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