The 2021 IFS Conference will be hosted online for the first time giving access to IFS Community members all around the world. We are exploring new formats for presenting workshops. If you have submitted an IFS Conference workshop in the past you will notice how different this process will be. As mentioned above in the video tutorial, the first step is to create your new user login! This login is specific to the online program we are using for the IFS Conference. *This is not the login you may have for the IFSI website, Online Circle, and other programs run through the IFS Institute.

As always we strive to offer workshops that cover a variety of content areas that offer an exploration of the Model to those new to IFS, and allow for those with more experience to deepen their knowledge. The 2021 IFS Conference will offer that and more as the conference will offer workshops, panel discussions, networking opportunities just to name a few.

Event Contact
Address: TBC
Phone: TBC
Email: Ashley@ifs-institute.com
1. Education 2. IFS training
Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based model of therapy, but more than that it is a movement. One that can help people heal and help the world become a more compassionate place