10th Annual Aptamers Conference – APTAMERS 2023

We are delighted to invite you to attend our 10th annual aptamers conference, Aptamers 2023, which will be held as a ‘virtual-in-person’ hybrid event at St Edmund Hall.

Event Contact
Address: St Edmund Hall, Oxford, UK
Phone: TBC
Email: aptaSoc@gmail.com
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We are supported by several of the world’s leading researchers from academia and industry, government research organisations and professional academic societies. In addition to universities and the commercial sector, we have worked closely with several national, international, governmental and charitable organisations, including the World Health Organisation, Global Snakebite Initiative, Health Action International, Lillian Lincoln Foundation, International Society on Toxinology, International Society on Aptamers, Public Health England, The Wellcome Trust, Animal and Plant Health Agency and The Pirbright Institute.
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