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3 Key Reasons Why Data Matters for Events

Importance of Data to Events  Numbers don’t lie. This is what makes data – and a strict analysis of data – a very powerful and useful information to have in planning and growing your events. In this article, we’ll share

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Building Effective Digital Event Marketing Strategies

Why it’s important to build an event marketing strategy The movie “Field of Dreams” popularized the saying, “If you build it, they will come”. To this, I say: not without an effective marketing strategy.  Organizing a digital event takes a

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8 Key Tips to Inject Personalization Into Virtual Events

How to personalize virtual events It seems that these days, virtual events are a dime a dozen. Because they are more efficient and much cheaper to organize versus in-person events, many companies and institutions have resorted to staging them –

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Mistakes To Avoid for Hybrid Event

What is a hybrid event? While adoption of virtual events has grown in popularity especially over the pandemic times, staging in-person events continues to be an important channel for reaching and engaging with audience. But with the world in varying

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Webinar 101: A Quick Guide

What is a webinar? If by now you still haven’t incorporated webinars in your marketing arsenal for lead generation and audience engagement, then you are missing out! Webinars, also called webcasts or web seminars, are a popular marketing tool –

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