About Us

GlobalExpo-Net (GEN) is a centralized business event platform for international B2B business users, including venue owners, event organizers, exhibitors, visitors, to access a wide array of worldwide virtual events on one single online portal.

GlobalExpo-Net (GEN) aims to create a one-stop event platform enabling International B2B events to be more accessible. It is incredibly effective to host events on the same platform where visitors can visit various virtual events in the same industry without traveling.

GlobalExpo-Net (GEN) builds a focused community among B2B aspects. All hosted events on our platform can gain more valuable exposure to potential visitors, who have been to similar exhibitions, expo, conference, webinar, trade shows, live-streaming, business matching, workshops or events, and be cross-promoted to all visitors, while visitors can discover more events of their interests.

As a Visitor

“Find the foremost B2B events and trade shows across all industries best suited for you!”

Be a GEN Netizen at GlobalExpo-Net!

✔ Explore more than 1,000 events
✔ Join events from more than 100 cities
✔ Search and access events at your fingertips
✔ Receive latest news and industry updates
✔ Customise bookmarks and set personal reminders
✔ Enjoy tailormade events and trade show recommendations based on your interests
✔ More functions are coming!

As an event organizer

GlobalExpo-Net is all about supercharging virtual event community.

By listing your events on GlobalExpo-Net:
✔ Cross-promote to potential visitors globally
✔ Expose events to targeted communities with same interests
✔ Get amplified exposure across multiple regions and industries
✔ No limitation on event format, i.e. virtual/physical/hybrid events, expo, conference, trade show, workshop, webinar, live-streaming, business matching etc.
✔ Access our market unique “Expo GENie” analytics console for data-driven insights (for events built with Vootprint solutions)
✔ More new functions and updates are coming!
✔ Enjoy FREE listing now!

Two-Level business matching features
GlobalExpo-Net supports both event organisers and visitors to generate more interest and direct them to have the best matching, that is, making use of the latest AI and Big Data technologies to combine individual preferences and collective knowledge to strengthen the matching output for more personalized results.
Virtual Events

Customisable content format according to your event strategy,driving optimal engagement

Drive Interaction

Instant chat, messaging,business matching, networking, communications made super simple

Monetise Your Event

Build an additional revenue stream with various monetisation and sponsorship opportunities

Data-driven insights

Build better event strategy with data insights from virtual events

If you need fresh ideas for building your next virtual event(s), the Vootprint Solution offers a modular solution enabling event organizers to pick and choose ready-made functions for each event, which can then be further customised for their specific needs.  Why is a modular model important?

  • Time-to-market is accelerated;
  • Each event experience can be individually tailored;
  • Visitor engagement and satisfaction is enhanced;
  • Increased potential in driving revenue growth;
  • Enables a true Online to Offline ( O2O) event experience to drive effective lifecycle marketing;

Connect with us to learn more about the Vootprint Solution.